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Scheme definitions

C4 schemes Options which extend the Elizabeth line by using the existing North Kent line tracks
C5 schemes Options which extend the Elizabeth line by providing new segregated tracks
E1 scheme Options which enhance the existing National Rail network
G1/G2 schemes Options based on Bus Rapid Transit

General terms

C2E Partnership A group of local authorities working to improve connectivity between Abbey Wood and Ebbsfleet
BRT Bus Rapid Transit – high performing bus service which includes bus priority measures (like Fastrack)
CSR Critical Success Requirement – measure of success of each scheme in meeting a specific outcome
OAF Options Appraisal Framework – tool to compare the performance of each option in meeting objectives and Critical Success Requirements
TAG Transport Appraisal Guidance – the Department for Transport’s methodology for assessing transport schemes
VfM Value for Money – assessment of economic and financial performance of each scheme
AW2E Abbey Wood to Ebbsfleet
(AW2E) Corridor The study subject area – extending from Abbey Wood in the West to Northfleet/Ebbsfleet and Gravesend in the east.
CO2 Carbon Dioxide (Greenhouse Gases)
tph Trains per hour
Reference Situation The public transport provision anticipated in 2031 regardless of the Abbey Wood to Ebbsfleet transport connectivity options.
Strategic Outline Business Case A document setting out the need for intervention (the case for change) and how this will further Government’s aims and objectives (the strategic fit). It provides suggested or preferred ways forward and presents the evidence for decision.