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Next steps

Your feedback in response to this consultation will be considered as part of the next phase of options assessment. Your views will help to inform and shape the case we make to Government. The responses will be collated, analysed and documented in a consultation report, which will be shared with Government as part of the Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC) submission. At the same time, we will also make the responses to the consultation available on our website.

We will carry out further assessment of the short-listed schemes. This will include undertaking early feasibility studies to understand the operational and infrastructure requirements, refining the estimates of capital and operational costs, undertaking updated transport modelling to understand journey times and impacts on the existing transport network, and further analysis of the associated benefits and risks with each option. We will also develop our understanding of the homes and jobs growth potential that each of the options could unlock.

The benefits and costs associated with the short-listed options will be presented in a Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC) in Autumn 2021. This will set out the strategic and economic case for investment in transport connectivity in the AW2E Corridor. Government will then consider and decide whether there is a case for progressing one or more of the proposed options to the next stage of planning and appraisal (Outline Business Case). There will be further opportunities to provide your views if the proposals we have considered are developed further.

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